Welcome to the 60s

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Welcome to the 60s

This lecture covers the 1960s.

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Lecture 26 Outline of Last Lecture I. Setting the stage II. 1950s III. 1950s society IV. More of Eisenhower V. Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement Outline of Current Lecture I. Election of 1960 II. Kennedy and the cold war III. The bay of pigs, April 1961 IV. Berlin wall, August 1961 Current Lecture • When we think of the 1960s, we think of hippies, sexual revolution, free, love, etc., but in reality, the early 1960s were just an extension of the 1950s • Election of 1960 o Kennedy vs. Nixon  News, media, TV • This election had the first televised presidential debate o Kennedy understood how to represent himself well on TV while Nixon did not • This debate made Kennedy seem like an “American Sweetheart”  Nixon • Congressional debate • Vice president • For much of the election he was seen as the front-­‐runner  Kennedy • Pedigree for politics o His father, Joseph Kennedy, was an ambassador o His brother was supposed to be the politician of the family but was killed in WWII • War hero o Served in the Navy as the commander of a torpedo boat that was destroyed by the Japanese  He saved a lot of lives o Wrote a book about bravery and courage • Kennedy and the cold war o US army special forces  Designed to be inserted behind enemy lines or into a communist country and organize gorilla forces to attack back at the communist o Flexible response HIST 106 1st Edition

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