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Final Exam Study Guide

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Hist 106 - History Of The U S
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HIST 106 1st Edition Exam 3 Study Guide: Lectures: 23 - 31  Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 o Stopped the Japanese threat to Australia  The first battle ever in which the ships do not see actually see the opposing fleets  This is done entirely through aircraft war that took off from one fleet to the other  There were not just American and Japanese ships but also Australian and Dutch ships  The allied fleet beats the Japanese through aircraft in this battle and we battle it out until it was basically a draw (there is no clear winner in terms of losses)  Battle of Midway, June 1942 o The Japanese want to take this small island due to the base of operations stationed in this area and Japanese can attack Hawaii any time they want (something that was a threat to the US) o By this point in the war, the US has more or less cracked the Japanese naval code  The Japanese would use silent code in order to not be heard by the Americans  Even through this, the Americans knew that the Japanese were going to attack Midway but they don’t know how or when  When the Americans find the Japanese, they attack and the first couple of missions were suicide missions  The Japanese and US fleets do not meet and this is all done through airway fleets  At the end of the battle, the Japanese will have lost 4 aircraft carriers (we lost 1) and lost 250 aircrafts (we lost 150 aircrafts) o This stops Japanese offense operations and the Japanese will now be fighting on the defense o This will destroy basically all of the Japanese naval ability and they will not be able to recover  Especially the number of aircraft pilots since the US killed off the most of them in Midway  Battle of Iwo Jima, Feb.-Mar. 1945 o This was a very small island that is dominated by a huge volcano and the US will not attack until there are a lot of their troops on the island  The US lands on the beach and the Japanese open fires on everything that the US has (soldiers and weapons)  There was no cover, the only way to survive was to keep moving and get off of the beach, and this is the only battle where the US casualties outnumber the Japanese casualties o This island is strategically important because it was a good landing point for aircraft if the atomic bomb was to be used  This is the first island that is Japanese home territory and this is why they will defend it fiercely o Us: 6000 killed, 19000wounded o Japan: 21000 killed  Battle of Okinawa, Apr.-Jun. 1945 o Over 95,000 Japanese killed, including many civilians who committed suicide  This was the first battle that took place in an area where civilians actually live  This ...

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