The Reagan Era

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The Reagan Era

This lecture covers the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 31 Outline of Last Lecture I. The stagnate of 1970s II. The stagnation continues III. The Iranian Hostage Crisis IV. The crisis continues V. The Reagan Era VI. The Reagan years VII. Reagan Rights and Drugs Outline of Current Lecture I. Reagan abroad II. Trying to avoid foreign entanglements III. Reagan’s second term IV. Iran-Contra Scandal Current Lecture  Reagan abroad o Lebanese Civil war-started in 1975 and goes on until the ‘90s  After colonialism, they had come up with a confessional type of government where people from different nationalities would hold a different percentage of the assembly and this system worked until the 1970s  When the Christian president was assassinated, the country broke down into a civil war  The US is really not involved in this until 1982 and the reason that they were now interested was because Israel got involved and the US was concerned that this would turn into a general war in the middle east  Multi-national force, Aug. 1983-a force that try to keep the peace in the middle east (not part of the UN) and will be the buffer in this war  Italy, France, and the US o The multi-national force was very successful because people were not hostile towards them at first o The government of Lebanon had become almost completely Christian dominated and was seen as very bias o As the Lebanese civil war went on, the US trained the army more and more

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