Vietnam war

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Vietnam war

This lecture covers the Vietnam war.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 28 Outline of Last Lecture I. Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1962 II. Kennedy at home III. LBJ comes to office IV. LBJ’s priorities V. Civil rights movement Outline of Current Lecture I. Vietnam war (1954-1973) II. US involvement in south Vietnam III. Johnson takes over the war IV. The war escalates V. Tet Offensive, January 30, 1968 Current Lecture  Vietnam war (1954-1973) o Dien Bien Phu 1954  A hotbed insurgency and the French said that they needed to establish a base there  The French’s choice was pretty bad because this place was surrounded by mountains that looked down on this base and could only be resupplied by air  The French did not think that the Vietnamese would be able to bring artillery on the mountains because it was too steep and they were wrong  Completely bombarded and the casualties were so bad that they had to count casualties by the number of spinal cords because the bodies were basically unidentifiable  End of the Indo-Chinese war for the French and the agreement was to divide the country by the communist north and the democratic south o North vs. south 1956  South led by Ngo Dinh Diem and is very anti-communist (why the US likes him)  The US helps Ngo get into office through democratic elections o Ho Chi Min  A very big nationalist who asks the US for help to get the French out of Vietnam o Ngo Dinh Diem  Staunch anti-communist and Catholic

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