1950’s: Affluence and Anxiety

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1950’s: Affluence and Anxiety

This lecture covers the events in the 1950s.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 25 Outline of Last Lecture I. Korean war continued II. The second red scare III. Election of 1953 IV. Eisenhower abroad V. The 1950s Outline of Current Lecture I. Setting the stage II. 1950s III. 1950s society IV. More of Eisenhower V. Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement Current Lecture  Setting the stage o Bretton woods agreement, July 1944  International monetary fund  Given the ability to monitor what kinds of deficits the countries in this system have o The French fight a war in Algeria, but the IMF would not monetarily support the war o International bank for reconstruction and development (part of the world bank) o Other currencies will be pegged to the US dollar and the dollar will be pegged to gold  Other countries peg their currency to the dollar; the dollar is pegged to gold  1950s o Economic stagnation in early 1950s  Very few consumer goods were being produced  No consumer vehicles produced during WWII  There was unemployment from wartime, factories being closed o Late 1950s unprecedented economic growth  Soldiers that had been saving their money now had a lot of spending power o Reasons fro growth  Consumer spending in the post-war  Massive government spending programs

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