UW-Madison BIOLOGY 101 - Hormones and the Endocrine system (2 pages)

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Hormones and the Endocrine system

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Hormones and the Endocrine system


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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Biology 101 - Zoology 101: Animal Biology
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Zoology 101 Animal Biology Last Lecture Outline Lecture 26 1 Brain and the effect of Sleep 2 Movie notes Current lecture 1 Hormones 2 Behavior 3 Endocrine system Hormones GABA binds to ionotropic receptors ISP hyperpolarized or inhibited calming effect used to treat anxiety Valium sedatives Depression treated with prozac zoloft are considered serotonin specific reuptake inhibitors SSRIs released and are free to bind activate signal transduction pathway reuptake occurs Drugs block reuptake mechanism metabotropic receptor always stimulated happiness leads to receptors down regulating disappearing When off medication false sense of happiness all serotonin sucked back up few recptors Drugs mimick neurotransmitter systems Neurotransmitters can be recycled or degraded drugs can reduce receptor numbers dynamic system Drugs can act at ionotropic or metabotropic receptors Behavior Amygdala recognizing learning emotions if damaged we cannot respond to few inducing stimuli properly Hippocampus forming long term memories spatial learning locations in space Damage seen in Alzheimer s disease Hippocampus removed short term memories were formed but long term memories couldn t be formed Frontal lobes executive functions decision making damage emotional and decision making responses are impaired but memory and intellect In brain scans nucleus accumbens happy music reward pathway happy feelings Reward pathway Ventral tegmental area VTA nucleus accumbens prefrontal cortex Same experience of drugs dependency oreos were more rewarding to rats than drugs Endocrine system Chemical signaling by hormones Endocrine system communication slower longer lasting longer distance to travel Nervous system communication rapid short term short distance Systems interact with each other Hormones chemical messengers released into the blood stream that act on distinct target cells Pheromones outside body communication between members released in environment signal predators food mating and territory Ring

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