Crisis of Confidence and Reagan

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Crisis of Confidence and Reagan

Finished the lecture on the Crisis of Confidence and covers Reagan's presidency and America in the 1980s.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 23 Outline of Last Lecture VOCAL MINORITIES AND THE SILENT MAJORITY • Women’s Movement Two Wings of Feminism Women’s Rights Women’s Liberation Feminism and Race The Sexual Revolution Resisting the Revolution • Black Power Stokely Carmichael and Black Power in the South The Black Panthers • Power in Brown, Red, and Yellow Mexican Americans, Cesar Chavez, and the Chicanos Native Americans and the American Indian Movement Asian Americans and pan-Asian unity • Gay Liberation • The Counterculture • Backlash and conservative resurgence CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE – Nixon and the World Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos 1973: Paris Peace Accords Détente: China and the Soviet Union – “The Imperial Presidency” and Watergate – The Lean Years Stagflation Oil Crisis – Crisis of Confidence From Ford to Carter Iranian Hostage Crisis Current Lecture CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE 1) Nixon and the World a) Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos b) 1973: Paris Peace Accords c) Détente: China and the Soviet Union 2) “The Imperial Presidency” and Watergate 3) The Lean Years a) Stagflation b) Oil Crisis i) Arab Israel war- oil prices go through roof (1) Not enough to go around ii) Kissinger sent for 2 years to middle east (1) Nixon warns people of coming shortage iii) Preparedness (1) Appoints energy czar (2) 10% less air travel (3) Congress lowers speed limits to 55 (4) Extends daylight savings time into winter (5) Asks Americans to reduce air travel, work and school hours, and to turn down thermostats by 6 degrees 4) Crisis of Confidence a) From Ford to Carter i) Democratic comeback in congress ii) Carter (1) Emphasized commitment to family (a) Won democratic candidate on first ballot (b) Wins presidency over Ford by slim margin (2) Accomplishments (i) Stimulus package for public works (ii) Expands tax credits for low income and food stamps (iii) Appoints more women and blacks to government positions (iv) Backs environmental regulation initiatives (v) Creates department of energy (vi) Deregulates airlines, trucking, and communications (3) Human Rights (a) Wanted to reform CIA (b) Cut down on intervention in other countries (c) Eased tensions between US and USSR (d) Improved diplomatic relations with china (e) Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (Salt 2) (i) Limited number of missiles and bombers each side could have (4) Camp David Accords (5) Crisis of Confidence Speech (a) About the energy crisis (b) Said one of real problems is American is having crisis of confidence

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