JFK, LBJ, and Vietnam

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JFK, LBJ, and Vietnam

Presidencies of JFK & LBJ are covered as well as the lasting Vietnam war between them.

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Hist 106 - History Of The U S

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture LECTURE OUTLINE FOR THE LONG CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT • The Long Civil Rights Movement in Three Parts The Black Vote Cold War Civil Rights The Fight in the Courts • White Response Massive Resistance The Crisis in Little Rock • The Rise of Non-Violent Direct Action The Montgomery Bus Boycott (Interlude: The Tradition of Armed Self-Defense) The Sit-in Movement Debating the Civil Rights Movement Things to think about with this lecture & this week’s readings • Nonviolence or Self-Defense? – Was the civil rights movement fundamentally nonviolent, or was nonviolence a tactic? • A Man’s Movement? – What role did women play in the civil rights movement? How have women been remembered? • Top-Down or Bottom-Up? – Did change happen because of national civil rights groups and the federal government, or were local people the driving force behind the civil rights movement? • A Religious Crusade? – How important was the black church in the civil rights movement? Why did so many religious people oppose a movement that claimed to represent Christian values? Current Lecture LECTURE OUTLINE FOR JFK AND LBJ 1) 1960 Election a) John F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon i) JFK (1) Democratic (2) Wins in close election (100k votes) (3) “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country (4) Appealed similar to FDR’s fire side chats (a) Press conferences were allowed to be publicly televised (b) 91% approval rating ii) Nixon (1) Republican (2) Ike’s VP for last 8 years iii) 2 deciding issues (1) JFK was a catholic (a) Would take instruction from the pope (b) Compromised separation of church and state (i) JFK said he wanted an America where the separation was absolute (ii) This speech, settled many people’s fears (2) Television (a) First time candidates faced off in televised debates (i) 4 different debates (ii) 85 million watched atleast one (b) Most thought JFK looked better on TV (i) Confident, cool, better looking than Nixon (c) Most thought Nixon was a better debater content wise (just listening) (i) Watching debate though, most people thought JFK won 2) Kennedy and the Cold War a) Armament and Aid i) Had to confront communist threat head on (1) Appointed both democrats and republicans to cabinets who believed Eisenhower had accepted stalemate rather than trying to win war (2) Focused on nuclear weapondry ii) Expanded space program (1) Announced goal of first moon landing by end of 1960’s (a) Cost nasa 33 billion dollars iii) Increased defense budget by nearly 1/3 iv) Used non military ways (1) Peace Corp (a) Sent young Americans to developing countries for 2 years to help native populations (b) Same post war idea “poor people are most attractive to communism (2) Alliance for progress (a) US spent billions to promote economic growth in Latin America (b) The main push was for Cuban revolution of 1959 v) Cuban Cold War (1) 1959 (2) Fidel Castro ...

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