Welcome to the 60s

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Welcome to the 60s

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Welcome to the 60’s  Election of 1960 o Kennedy vs. Nixon o Nixon  Congressional time  VP  Republican  Experience in international affairs. Kitchen debate o Kennedy  Pedigree for politics  War Hero. WWII served in the Navy as a commander  Democratic o First televised presidential debate. Kennedy knew how to harness this new form of media.  Nixon looked washed out and sick because he wouldn’t wear make up. Body language was fidgety and not as trustworthy.  Kennedy knew how to handle himself on tv  People who listened to the debate though Nixon won, but the people who watched Kennedy created the turning point for this election o Kennedy wins, but not by much  Kennedy and the Cold War o Camelot (Kennedy Whitehouse) o US Army Special Forces  Designed to be inserted behind soviet lines or in a country where communist forces are present, gather up guerrilla forces, train them and prepare them to attack  New way to destabilize countries  JFK Special Forces Center o Flexible Response to the Cold War  Direct defense  If the soviets or communists attack us, we are not going to launch, we are going to figure out how to defend ourselves. If things get worse we will up the ante  Deliberate escalation  Escalate by using tactical nuclear weapons  General nuclear response  If things continue to go poorly, we end in destruction  Plan was designed to meet the Soviets wherever they were going to strike. Not just western Europe but Vietnam or Korea o Created the Peace Corps  Used to combat communism

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