The 1950s

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The 1950s

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The 1950’s ~Affluence and Anxiety~  Setting the stage o The Bretton Woods Agreement, July 1944  International monetary fund  Oversight over this whole system  Example: France was forced to fight the war against _____ on the cheap. Eisenhower wouldn’t give them more money to fight  International bank for reconstruction and development  Part of the world bank  Other currencies > US $ > Gold  Eventually, the world’s gold will be redistributed and then all countries will be able to have a gold standard.  US uses golf standard in 1970s  The 1950’s o Economic stagnation in early 1950’s  Entire war there were no consumer goods produced  Relatively high unemployment. Soldiers especially o Late 1950’s unprecedented economic growth o Reasons for growth  Consumer spending in the post-war  Soldiers can spend all earned money so the money can finally get back into the economy  Massive government spending programs  Particularly in the realm of defense  1950’s Society o Baby boom  1920-1960, US sees a 19% birth rate increase o Education  GI Bill, 1944  Provided funds for higher education, type of job training, help on mortgages, and a period of unemployment insurance.  Several million vets take advantage of GI Bill, mainly higher education o Suburbs  William Levitt  Father of suburban America  Levittown  Assembly style and same floor plan.  Originally in New York.

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