WWII in the Pacific

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WWII in the Pacific

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WWII in the Pacific 4.8.13  Pacific theater of Operations o Pearl harbor didn’t destroy air craft carriers  Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 o Stopped Japanese threat to Australia o Ships don’t see each other. It's done entirely by airways. o Japanese main goal was to take over Australia. o Fight it out to pretty much a draw. But it stopped the Japanese push to the south.  Battle of Midway, June 1942 o Only thing on Midway Island was an airfield, some buildings, and some supplies. o The Japanese wanted it for it’s airfield  They could use it to attack Hawaii o At this point in the war, we’ve more or less crack the Japanese naval code. o War done completely by airways o At the end, 4 Japanese aircraft carriers and 248 aircrafts are destroyed. United States lost 1 aircraft carrier and 150 aircrafts. It also destroyed Japanese aircraft capabilities. o This war stops Japanese offensive operation and changes them to focus on defense.  General McArthur fled from the Philippines to Australia. o “I shall return.”  Attack o General Nimitz: wanted to “island hop” o General McArthur: wanted to attack Philippines.  1944 he makes it back to the Philippines o They were both allowed a try. o 1945 we begin closing in on Japan  Battle of Iwo Jima, Feb. to March 1945 o US: 6,000 killed and 19,000 wounded o Japan: 21,000 killed o Very bloody battle o This island is strategically important  Emergency landing point for aircraft if the Atomic Bomb was going to be used.  First island that’s actually Japanese soil  Battle of Okinawa, April to June 1945 o Over 95,000 killed, including many civilians who committed suicide o The first time where we confront the Japanese civilian population o Use of flamethrowers were instrumental

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