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Geog 202 - Geog Of Global Village

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GEOG 202 Lecture 13 Outline of Last Lecture Chapter 6 Sub Saharan Africa o Physical Setting Outline of Current Lecture o Climate o Population and Settlement o Culture o Geopolitical Framework o Economy Current Lecture o o o Deforestation Shortage of biofuels Wahagri Maathai Organized that planting of 1 million trees in Kenya Climate Tropical o Equatorial o Desert o Rainy season Population o Concentrated in Rift Valley west African coast and Sahel o More rural than other parts of the world o Agricultural density farmers arable is high o Population indicators Highest Population Nigeria Percent Urban Low Total Fertility Rate HIGH o Demographics These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o o o o More than 800 million people World fastest growing region Nearly half of the population is younger than 15 years old Child and maternal mortality rates high Life expectancy is low 50 and dropping Diseases In 2007 2 3 of worlds cases of HIV AIDS in sub saharan africa Started in Congo 58 of Africans with AIDS are women Southern Africa 20 Malaria Mosquito borne Banned DDT is effective prevention Nets Cure Ebola No known cure 60 90 death rate Spread how Mapping the outbreak Cultural resistance Green Revolution Teaches farmers techniques to move from subsistence to export agriculture supporting themselves Norman Borlaug Founder of the Green Revolution Africa has the potential but not the infrastructure You cant eat potential Urban Settlement Least urbanized region of the world but cities growing 1 megacity 14 million in Lagos Mega slums Culture o o o Linguistic Diversity Swahili is African Trade language lingua franca Superimposed are French and English Arabic and Somali Oldest Khoisan Religion Islam in Sahel and Horn of Africa spreading south Christianity or Christian Animist mix in south Africa Globalization and African Culture African Slave Trade To western hemisphere

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