The Courts II

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The Courts II

The Court system and their role in state government.

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Texas A&M University
Pols 207 - State & Local Goverment

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POLS 207 1st Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I. The Courts Outline of Current Lecture II. Courts III. State courts IV. Texas Crime Current Lecture The Court is supposed to be the least dangerous branch of government. They were not intended to have enough power to be dangerous. However, the Supreme Court has been a major enactor of social change because they are not controlled by public opinion – since they are not popularly elected. Dual Court System  Federal Courts  State Courts o Do not have life-long tenure o Texas: They are elected – not there for life. So they are still some form of apprehension if they make decisions that are unpopular. Selective Incorporation  Amendment V (rights of accuses, double jeopardy)  Amendment VI (speedy trial, confront witness, etc.)

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