The Cold War continued

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The Cold War continued

This lecture continues the cold war lecture series.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 24 Outline of Last Lecture I. Division of Europe II. The spread of communism III. Berlin Blockade, June 1948-May 1949 IV. North Atlantic Treaty Organization V. Defense measures VI. The Korean war, 1950-1953 Outline of Current Lecture I. Korean war continued II. The second red scare III. Election of 1953 IV. Eisenhower abroad V. The 1950s Current Lecture  Korean war continued o Pusan perimeter o Inchon landings o Macarthur’s drive north o Chaplin Emil Kapaun  Awarded the medal of armor due to his courage of going unarmed into the battles and offering encouragement and medical care  Was a POW, escaped the POW camp to find food and comes back to feed the POWs in the camp  On Easter morning, he held a mass in the open, the Koreans punish him severely and leave him to die o Armistice reached in 1953  Said that we would stop shooting but the war is not over (there is no peace treaty) o US keeps large number of forces in the country  To this day we still have a large number of forces in South Korea as a peace treaty is never signed o US in commands all south Korean forces until 1978  US commanders in the army forces in south Korea and in 1978 the US will allow the south Koreans to jointly command the army

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