The Cold War Begins

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The Cold War Begins

This lecture covers the beginning of the cold war.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 23 Outline of Last Lecture I. Pacific Theater of Operations II. Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942 III. Battle of Midway, June 1942 IV. Invade Japan V. Battle of Iwo Jima, Feb.-Mar. 1945 VI. Battle of Okinawa, Apr.-Jun. 1945 VII. Double Victory VIII. Atomic bomb IX. Japanese war atrocities X. The Holocaust Outline of Current Lecture I. Division of Europe II. The spread of communism III. Berlin Blockade, June 1948-May 1949 IV. North Atlantic Treaty Organization V. Defense measures VI. The Korean war, 1950-1953 Current Lecture  Division of Europe o How to deal with Germany-divide Germany  Germany would stay divided until 1950 and east Germany would be the people’s democratic republic of Germany (communism) and the democratic zone of Germany (the western half) o Potsdam Conference  Divided Europe  Decided to do the occupation zones in Germany and made the east Prussia its own nation (divided by Poland and Soviet Union) o Berlin  Berlin is also divided up into 4 occupation zones since Berlin is the capital of Germany o Iron curtain  Stalin dismantles a lot of the factories in Germany and moves them to the Soviet Union and there will be a lot more presence of Soviet soldiers in Germany

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