TAMU INST 210 - Exam 1 Study Guide (3 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Chapters 1-5, 7, and 8

Study Guide
Texas A&M University
Inst 210 - Understanding Special Populations

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INST 210 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 17 Chapter 1 Special Education What are the 6 values that should guide you as you teach What is the Federal Special Education law and what are its three parts Explain the 6 principles of IDEA What is ESEA What is the TEACH act Explain the following terms of IDEA equality of opportunity full participation independent living and economic self sufficiency Chapter 2 UDL and Inclusion What is progress in the general curriculum Be familiar with these terms standards based reform academic content standards student achievement standards alternate achievement standards What are supplementary aids and services What is universal design Universal design for learning How do supplementary aids and services and universal design for learning support progress How does inclusion support progress What is inclusion and what are its 6 characters Be familiar with least restrictive environment How does a student s IEP support progress What should educators do to support progress Be familiar with these terms cognitive taxonomies implementing RTI positive behavior support Chapter 3 Multicultural Bilingual and Diverse Schools What is culture Know about these terms and theories of diversity genetic deficit theory cultural deficit theory eugenics cultural difference and cultural reproductive theory Disproportionate Representation Racial ethnic considerations Language considerations Poverty considerations Be familiar with the factors that influence classification and student outcomes 6 layers How do you become a culturally responsive teacher Chapter 4 Family Partnerships Define the following Family demographics family quality of life domains of family quality of life family professional partnerships circle of friends What are the domains and indicators of family quality of life What are the principles and key indicators of partnership Chapter 5 Learning Disabilities Define the following Differentiated instruction inclusionary standard

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