Mizzou CL_HUM 1060 - Apollo cont. (3 pages)

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Apollo cont.

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Apollo cont.


Outline of lecture notes on October 6

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University of Missouri
Cl_Hum 1060 - Classical Mythology

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CL HUM 1060 7th Edition Outline of Lecture I Apollo a Laurel wreath as victor s crown i Athletic competitions ii Music competitions II The Story of Hyakinthos a Hyakinthos i Rival Zephyros west wind ii Discus 1 Discus was thrown and hit Hyakinthos in the head and killed him iii Hyakinthos is turned into a flower the Hyacinth flower b CLICKER QUESTION What god s son did Ares kill for raping his daughter i ANSWER Poseidon s son III Asklepios son of Apollo a Koronis i Unfaithful ii He throws a lightning bolt at her and she is incinerated b Kheiron centaur i Raises young heroes ii Healer iii Baby is entrusted to Kheiron c Asklepios grows up to be a phenomenally good healer d He can resurrect the dead e Zeus is very unhappy i Throws a lightning bolt at Asklepios and he is incinerated IV The Aftermath a Apollo kills Cyclops b Zeus exiles Apollo for 9 years c Serves a mortal as a mortal i King Admentos ii Shepherd V The Contest Between Apollo and Marsyas a Marsyas i Satyr Human ii aulos double flute iii Challenges Apollo to a contest 1 Judges are the 9 muses mountain god and Midas iv Apollo wins v Midas prefers Marsyas music vi Apollo gives Midas donkey ears 1 If you hear like an ass you should have the ears of an ass vii Apollo flays Marsyas alive CL HUM 1060 7th Edition VI VII VIII IX X b CLICKER QUESTION What did Daphne turn into i ANSWER A laurel tree Hermes a Hermes Family i Mother Maia 1 Daughter of Atlas b CLICKER QUESTION How was Atlas punished i ANSWER He was forced to hold the sky on his shoulders c Atlas and his brother s all punished by Zeus d Divine society vs human society e Roman Name Mercury Hermes Boundaries a Crossing boundaries i Eases dangerous transitions b Gods and humans c Most easily understandable god to humans d Directly interferes in our lives e Traveling i Crossing territory 1 Dangerous 2 Bandits and highwaymen Herm a Pillar b Head c Phallus i Powerful ii Ward off evil eye iii Protective iv Good luck Fertility d Outside of doorways e Between

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