Legislative Policy and Representing the People I

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Legislative Policy and Representing the People I

Moving onto legislative policy and how this represents the people. How a bill is turned into law etc.

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Texas A&M University
Pols 207 - State & Local Goverment

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POLS 207 1st Edition Lecture 18 Outline of Current Lecture II. Legislative Branch III. Legislative Apportionment IV. Redistricting V. How a Bill becomes a law Current Lecture  Legislative Branch  Make statutory laws  Amend state constitutions  Constituent service  Bring government funding to district   Representation  GEOGRAPHIC o Heterogeneous districts o Homogenous districts  NON-GEOGRAPHIC  ENTREPRENEURIAL  RANDOM SELECTION  Legislative Apportionment  Equal Population  Reynolds v. Sims “legislators represent people, not trees or acres.”  Equal number of people in the district  BASE=POPULATION  RANGE=1%  Redistricting  State legislatures create districts for themselves and U.S. House  Race and ethnicity o Voting Rights Act 1965 o Fracturing o Packing or concentrating  Partisan gerrymandering Changing districts lines to gain more votes for your party  One Person, One Vote  Not everyone is eligible to vote.  You must be a registered voter  Over the age of 18  Be a citizen of the US –residents cannot vote  Felons cannot vote 

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