The Cold War

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The Cold War

American politics, economy, and society during the Cold War

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 17 Outline of Last Lecture LECTURE OUTLINE FOR WORLD WAR II: THE HOME FRONT • Mobilization on the Home Front The Office of War Information (OWI) Economic Expansion • War Work New jobs, new workers Urbanization and migration Women in the workforce • Race, Ethnicity, and World War II African Americans and a growing civil rights movement Japanese American internment Mexican immigration and Braceros Jewish immigrants and Jewish Americans Ethnic whites • Domestic legacies of World War II Outline of Current Lecture LECTURE OUTLINE FOR THE COLD WAR • The End of WWII & the Creation of the United Nations • The Cold War in the Truman Years American Capitalism vs. Soviet Communism & the Roots of the Cold War The Truman Doctrine: Containment & Economic Aid The Marshall Plan: Humanitarian Aid & Economic Recovery NATO & the Soviet Response Global Cold War Underway Winning Over Japan NSC-68

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