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Africa Media Review Vol 1 No 3 1987 African Council on Communication Education Theatre Television and Development A Case for the Third World by Hansel Ndumbe Eyoh Abstract This paper underscores the role of theatre as a tool for facilitating community education It reckons that traditional African theatre had a functional orientation This African theatre which is being reintroduced in various parts of Africa was for many years suppressed by Christian and administrative leaders of the colonial era It further observes that in community education the theatrical event serves only a catalytic function intended to stimulate critical analysis or organization and action The paper discusses a number of experiments with popular theatre for public education identifying some related problems It ends by outlining the responsibilities of theatre practitioners Resume Cet article met en relief le role du theatre comme outil de developpement communautaire II reconnait que le theatre traditionnel Alricain avait une orientation fonctionnelle Ce theatre qui est en train d etre rcintroduit dans divers pays Africains avait ete pendant plusieurs annees rcprime par les autorites administratives et les leaders Chretiens dc I cre coloniale I auteur fait en outre remarquer que dans le domaine de reducation communautaire l evenement theatral a seulement une function catalvtique destines a stimuler l analysecritique a inciter a faction et a organisation I article analyse un certain nombre d experiences de theatre populaire a des fins do education et identifie quelques problemes qui y sont Ii6s A la fin il dcllnit les responsabilite s des praticiens de theatre Dr Hansel Ndumbe Eyohis Senior Lecturer Department of English University of Yaounde Cameroun This paper is principally exploratory because it sets out to postulate possible ways of exploiting TV in the Third World where the need seems more to be geared towards education rather than just entertainment Besides it should be understood that

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