The New Deal

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The New Deal

This lecture covers the good and bad aspects of the New Deal.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 21 Outline of Last Lecture I. Election of 1932 II. The bonus army III. Presidential Election of 1932 IV. The New Deal V. More new deal programs Outline of Current Lecture I. Works progress administration, 1935 II. Opposition to the New Deal III. Legislative achievements IV. FDR and court packing V. End of the New Deal Current Lecture  Civilian conservation corps o One of the most popular new deal programs  The target was to get as many people jobs as they could even if it was for menial labor  This New Deal program will be very popular and will go on until 1942 and will be open to ALL types of people in the American population o 2 million men served  The pay that the men get will go straight back home to their families and benefit their communities o Targeted the youth o Projects in the west, people were in the east  Most of the civilian conservation corps projects were in the west and there was a lot of transportation back and forth o Prepared men for military service  They get a lot of skills training and education and the lifestyle that they had was very similar to military service  Works progress administration, 1935 o Created by executive order  If you ended up working for a WPA organization, you cannot work more than 30 hours a week  The types of projects that were done were things like building post offices and sidewalks where there were none o Ended up being the largest New Deal Agency

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