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AAAD 150 1st Edition Exam # 1 Study Guide Lectures: 1 - 10 Chapter 1 What is the Diaspora?  It is the forced movement of African Americans from their homeland to the New World. The differences that African Diaspora caused were language and religion. The language became different compared to their mother tongue. African Americans were typically Christian while the Africans were typically Muslim. Diaspora also deprived the African Americans of close knowledge with their ties back in Africa. Where was Timbuktu located?  Mali and Songhay Who was David Walker?  Had ‘thoughts’ that Africans noble past would prove that their continent would regain greatness. He maintained the thought that African races could look back to achievements such as arts and sciences, pyramids and other structures. What are some of the important facts about Ghana?  Kumbi Saleh = Important trading center  Soninke = Ruling people  King Tenkemenin = Made everything really flourish until Muslim invaded What are some of the important facts about Mali?  Mandinke = Ruling people  Timbuktu = Major city  Sundiata Keita, Mansa Musa = Rulers What are some of the important facts about Songhay?  Songhay = Ruling people  Timbuktu = Major city  Sonni Ali, Askia Mohammed = Rulers Chapter 2 Who were the Ndonga?  They were a group of 20 people that had landed in Jamestown, VA and had gotten ambushed in a brutal wave of warfare and kidnapped from the Imbangala tribe who were allies with the Portuguese slave traders. Who was Ayuba Diallo?  He was a Muslim slave trader that got kidnapped on his way home while unguarded and sold as a slave. Later on, he got discovered through a slave trader and got back his freedom and moved back home and continued to be a slave trader. Who was Oldudah Equiano?  He was captured with his sister at age 11 and was put onto a slave ship and was sold to many different masters. He learned from many of his different experiences and later was able to purchase his freedom. Afterwards, he had campaigned against slavery and made an auto-biography. What was the Middle Passage?  It was the journey from Africa to the New Land on the slave ship. The conditions were horrid and many of the slaves had died due to disease, insufficient food and cramped space. Portuguese ships had lowest rates of deaths and English ships had highest rates of deaths. Chapter 3 Who was Harry Hosier?  Was the first black Methodist preacher and was born enslaved. He was also a participant in meetings that institutionalized American Methodism. What was Richard Allen famous for?  He was the founder of the AME church and he was also the first to write down and record the first spiritual and he also founded the Free African Society of Philadelphia. His preaching ability helped him gain his freedom. Who is Phillis Wheatley?

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