1920s-Stock market crash and the Great Depression

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1920s-Stock market crash and the Great Depression

This lecture covers the stock market crash and the Great Depression.

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture I. Roots of Depression II. Black Tuesday on Oct. 29th 1929 III. What followed? IV. Hoover’s response V. Coping Outline of Current Lecture I. Election of 1932 II. The bonus army III. Presidential Election of 1932 IV. The New Deal V. More new deal programs Current Lecture  Election of 1932 o Hoover’s name is attached to all sorts of bad things due to his inability to run a deficit (shanty towns=Hooverville) o Hoover is not doing to well in the eyes of the general public at the time of the election and his administration will make his name even worse  The bonus army o Spring/summer 1932  The service bonus was a savings bond and most of the bonds could not be collected by 1935 and will not be able to get their bonus due to the stock market crash  The marchers were basically living on Washington and when Congress turns them down and puts matters into Hoover’s hands:  July 28-Hoover will order the capital police to push the protestors out and the protestors refuse peacefully, the police open fire and 2 people were killed  Hoover tells the police to stop and calls upon the army to push the protestors out and this is a huge blood bath (shameful that the army is attacking its own veterans) o 17,000 WWI veterans  43,000 marchers total on Washington (the veterans, their families, their friends) and this will start the trend of protesting on Washington with WWII and the Civil War

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