World War II

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World War II

History of WWII

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 15 Outline of Last Lecture OUTLINE FOR THE LECTURE ON WHOSE NEW DEAL? • Voices of Protest Huey Long Francis Townsend Father Coughlin • From Recovery to Security: The Second New Deal Emergency Relief Appropriation Act Works Progress Administration (WPA) Resettlement Administration Rural Electrification Administration Social Security Act • Labor’s New Deal • The New Deal in Decline “Court-packing” Plan “Roosevelt Recession” Outline of Current Lecture LECTURE OUTLINE FOR THE LECTURE ON WORLD WAR II: FROM ISOLATIONIST TO GLOBAL SUPERPOWER • Pearl Harbor • Lead-up to Pearl Harbor Worldwide Depression Worldwide Conflict Totalitarian aggression: Japan, Germany, Italy American Isolationism Armament and the Four Freedoms • The Uneasy Alliance United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union • War in Europe • War in the Pacific • The Advent of Atomic Warfare • Diplomatic Lessons of World War II Current Lecture 1) Pearl Harbor a) Before attack, most Americans agreed we should remain isolationist b) Attack destroys and damages 8 battleship and 300 planes i) Whole of pacific force c) Didn’t destroy air carriers (out at sea at that point), oil reserves, or repair stations i) Allowed not completely sunk ships to be repaired d) Japanese wanted to destroy whole US force i) Bombed bases all throughout pacific ocean e) Also attacked British bases f) Congress declares war on Japan 1 day later i) Had been having secret meetings about how to enter war and the first step was Germany and Italy, not Japan (1) Still not at war with Germany or Italy though (a) Germany and Italy help out by declaring war on US 3 days later 2) Lead-up to Pearl Harbor a) Worldwide Depression i) Japan tries to climb out of economic troubles by expanding (1) Seized part of mainland china (Manchuria) (2) Then expand into northern china ii) In Italy and Germany, Hitler and Mussolini rise to power by pulling on the fears about the depression (1) Mussolini takes over Italy in 1922, prior to great depression, but Italy is still a mess (a) Comes into power legally (b) Italy invades Ethiopia (2) Hitler claims power in 1933 (a) In 1934, Nazis start planning for war by defying treaty of Versailles and expanding their army (b) Then used that army to expand German territory (c) Seized Czechoslovakia and Austria in 1938 (d) Introduces “blitzkrieg” or lightening war and destroys opposition in Poland (3) Nazi- Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (a) Nazi and Russia agree to not attack each other in public (i) In private, Russia would get Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania if they didn’t join the allied powers b) Worldwide Conflict

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