KIN 464 Final SDE syllabi August 2014

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KIN 464 Final SDE syllabi August 2014

University of Alabama
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THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ADMINISTRATION OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT Course Syllabus KIN 464 3 Credit Hours Instructor: John Vincent, Ph.D. Office Address: 2010 Moore Hall Office Phone: 348-8369 E-Mail Address: Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 8.00 am - 12.00 Noon Catalog Course Description The course covers basic managerial theories and practices required to administer physical education and health programs in elementary, secondary schools and athletic settings. Conceptual Framework The vision of the College of Education (COE) at The University of Alabama is to develop effective, ethical, and reflective professionals who advance the theme of the COE: Unites, Acts, and Leads (UA Leads). By engaging in theoretically informed and intellectually advanced effective practice our graduates will UNITE with the larger community to collaboratively nurture cultural competence, empathy, and a vision of equity and justice for all learners; ACT to develop the full potential of all learners to be excellent professionals in their field; and LEAD through continuous research-based critical inquiry of policy and reflective practice to enable transformative change in our diverse local and global communities. Course Objectives & Student Outcomes  To understand the role of management, and the functions of management within the context of physical education, recreation, and athletic programs  To be familiar with the management environment and management’s ethical and social responsibilities  To identify high risk activities and potentially dangerous equipment and facilities; and avoid negligence in providing instruction in sport and physical education  To be able to identify the importance of the role of strategic planning in different organizational structures  To understand the key functions of organizing and creating an effective organizational behavior/culture  To develop a philosophy about different leadership and motivational theories, styles, tools  To recognize the importance of effective communication skills  To demonstrate an understanding of the management function of control for sports programs, particularly as they relate to financial instruments and tools, (including budgeting, cash-flow forecasts, income statements, profit & loss accounts, balance sheets and financial ratios) (PE(1)(a)5)  To understand management principles related to scheduling, purchasing, and maintaining facilities and equipment (PE(1)(a)5)  Demonstrate a knowledge of the factors that need to be considered when designing sport and recreation facilities (PE(1)(a)5)  To be acquainted with techniques for designing and implementing co-curricular activities, such as intramurals, field days, and other special events (PE(1)(a)6)  Ability to facilitate students’ individual and collaborative use of technology, including classroom resources as well as distance and online learning opportunities when available and appropriate QTS 3(3)(c)4.(iv) All standards must be met to obtain a passing grade for this class Course Policies Late Work All assignments are to be turned in on time. Ten percent per late day will be deducted for assignments turned in late. Make-up Test If a student must be absent from a scheduled test (with instructor approval), he/she must contact the instructor to make alternative arrangements to take the test. Attendance It is the student's responsibility to attend all class sessions. Students are held responsible ...

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