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1 Pammie R Crawford PhD Candidate Advisors Drs Robert Lawrence Harold Lehmann Telehealth Providing Mental Health and Addiction Care for Native Populations Best Practices Gleaned from the US and Canadian Experiences Introduction Importance There is a profound need to deal with mental illness and addiction epidemics for American Indian Alaskan Native and Canadian First Nation populations to be referred to as Native populations throughout North America High rates of psychiatric problems with related co morbidities affect approximately 20 63 of Native populations 1 Depression is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder affecting these populations often strongly correlated with substance abuse 2 3 Suicide plagues Native populations throughout North America at a greater extent than non Native populations 4 US Native youth suicide rates can be up to 10 times the US average and Canadian aboriginal youth commit suicide at a rate 3 6 times higher than the Canadian average 5 Co occurrence rates of substance abuse mental health problems are estimated to affect up to 80 of Native populations 6 Disentangling mental health and addiction issues is challenging for both Native communities and health providers but improvements in health care provisions for these illnesses can be dramatically helpful 7 For most of these communities access to care onreserve is extremely limited8 and medical transportation costs can be prohibitive considering overall budget for care 9 Telehealth services are a useful and practical option filling a gap of much needed healthcare access for many Native communities 10 The overarching goal of the proposed study is to determine telehealth best practice s of mental health addiction care services provided to Native communities in Canada and the US Specific aims of this study include 1 Summarize health provider experience mental health addiction care via telehealth through a USA s Indian Health Services b Canada s First Nation and Inuit Health Branch 2 Summarize

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