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OS295 02 ORTHOPAEDIC HAND AND MICROVAS SURGERY Advanced Clinical Clerkship 2009 2010 Revised 12 16 08 Location UCLA OV COURSE CHAIR Gerald A M Finerman M D PHONE 310 794 7930 COURSE OBJECTIVES in order of importance 1 Improve diagnostic skills of all conditions affecting the upper limb by evaluating inpatients and outpatients with these problems 2 Improve understanding of upper limb anatomy by self directed dissections 3 Develop judgment for treatment by participating in discussions for formulation of care 4 Improve interpretation of laboratory data including radiographs and nerve conduction studies 5 Develop awareness of available literature for further reference E MAIL SUPPORTING FACULTY Kodi Azari M D and Prosper Benhaim M D PHONE STUDENT COORDINATOR 310 206 2567 Iris Mau E MAIL imau mednet ucla edu REPORT TO Externs report to Iris 7 30 a m in 72 229 UCLA UCLA students contact Iris one week before starting the clerkship PREREQUISITES Medicine and Surgery AVAILABLE FOR EXTERNS Yes STUDENTS PERIOD max 1 min DURATION 3 1 weeks 2009 2010 ROTATIONS BEGIN WEEKS 2 5 8 11 14 17 20 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 DESCRIPTION This elective is designed for students interested in orthopaedic surgery Students will function as subinterns seeing patients primarily then participating in surgery with the attending The surgical problems are complex and include the evaluation and treatment of general hand surgery problems seen in a typical community population COMMON PROBLEMS DISEASES 1 Hand injuries 2 Reconstructive hand surgery 3 Rheumatoid reconstruction 4 Infections 5 Carpal tunnel syndrome 6 Dupuytren s contracture 7 Congenital anomalies 8 Microsurgical reconstruction STUDENT EXPERIENCES INPATIENT 5 OUTPATIENT 95 CONSULTATION PRIMARY CARE CLOSE CONTACT WITH X FULL TIME FACULTY X CLINICAL FACULTY X FELLOWS X RESIDENTS INTERNS OTHER 5 95 APPROXIMATE OF PATIENTS EVALUATED EACH WEEK BY STUDENT 18 TOTAL OF PATIENTS EVALUATED EACH WEEK BY ENTIRE SERVICE 125 TYPICAL WEEKLY SCHEDULE Hour

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