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Christoph W Borst Center for Advanced Computer Studies University of Louisiana at Lafayette Lafayette Louisiana cborst cacs louisiana edu Richard A Volz Department of Computer Science Texas A M University Evaluation of a Haptic Mixed Reality System for Interactions with a Virtual Control Panel Abstract We present a haptic feedback technique that combines feedback from a portable force feedback glove with feedback from direct contact with rigid passive objects This approach is a haptic analogue of visual mixed reality since it can be used to haptically combine real and virtual elements in a single display We discuss device limitations that motivated this combined approach and summarize technological challenges encountered We present three experiments to evaluate the approach for interactions with buttons and sliders on a virtual control panel In our first experiment this approach resulted in better task performance and better subjective ratings than the use of only a force feedback glove In our second experiment visual feedback was degraded and the combined approach resulted in better performance than the glove only approach and in better ratings of slider interactions than both glove only and passive only approaches A third experiment allowed subjective comparison of approaches and provided additional evidence that the combined approach provides the best experience 1 Introduction One of the most promising advances for virtual environments VEs is the development of displays that provide force or tactile feedback during interactions with virtual objects These displays called haptic displays can increase the realism of VEs and communicate information that improves user performance or understanding There is a growing interest in developing haptic displays and in understanding their effect on users 1 1 Terminology Presence Vol 14 No 6 December 2005 677 696 2005 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology We use the adjectives active and passive to describe haptic

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