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Environmental and Resource Economics 11 3 4 383 397 1998 1998 Kluwer Academic Publishers Printed in the Netherlands 383 Research Trends and Opportunities in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics ROBERT T DEACON1 2 DAVID S BROOKSHIRE3 ANTHONY C FISHER4 ALLEN V KNEESE2 CHARLES D KOLSTAD1 DAVID SCROGIN3 V KERRY SMITH5 MICHAEL WARD4 and JAMES WILEN6 1 University of California Santa Barbara Department of Economics Santa Barbara CA 93106 USA email deacon econ ucsb edu 2 Resources for the Future Inc 3 University of New Mexico 4 University of California Berkeley 5 Duke University 6 University of California Davis Abstract The research questions and topics most likely to emerge in the near term future are assessed A common theme is that policy issues will be an important driving force as has generally been true in the past More specifically future theoretical advances are expected to occur in the treatment of uncertainty the incorporation of stock service flows into natural resource analysis and the incorporation of institutional considerations into models of resource exploitation Research on valuation is expected to remain vigorous primarily in the testing of basic assumptions and reconciliation of existing inconsistencies Opportunities in renewable resource economics center on the incorporation of richer behavioral and technological detail in the general frameworks that already exist A better understanding of what drives technology and how environmental agreements can be negotiated and enforced among sovereign nations are two topics likely to shape future research on global externalities Finally questions related to spatial aspects of natural resource use and matters of land use more generally seem likely to emerge as important topics on the profession s future research agenda Key words economics environment natural resources research JEL classification Q2 Q3 Q4 1 Introduction Assessing where the most promising opportunities are to be found in any field of research

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