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Google Apps Jon Lutz FSU College of Law Research Center Fall 2010 http www law fsu edu library databases ppt GoogleApps2 ppt Florida State University College of Law What is Cloud Computing Cloud computing is Internet based computing whereby shared resources software and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand like the electricity grid http en wikipedia org wiki Cloud computing Florida State University College of Law A Server Farm Florida State University College of Law Google s Servers 450 000 servers At least 12 in the US The largest in Oregon is the size of two football fields with cooling towers four stories high 2 million dollars a month for electricity Florida State University College of Law Cloud Computing Florida This committee concludes that the main consideration in file storage is that the appropriate documents be maintained not necessarily the method by which they are stored Therefore a law firm may store files electronically unless a statute or rule requires retention of an original document the original document is the property of the client or destruction of a paper document adversely affects the client s interests The committee agrees with other jurisdictions that have noted practical considerations involved in electronic file storage The committee cautions lawyers that electronic files must be readily reproducible and protected from inadvertent modification degradation or destruction The lawyer may charge reasonable copying charges for producing copies of documents for clients as noted in Florida Ethics Opinion 88 11 Reconsideration Finally lawyers must take reasonable precautions to ensure confidentiality of client information particularly if the lawyer relies on third parties to convert and store paper documents to electronic records Rule 4 1 6 Rules of Professional Conduct From Professional Ethics of the Florida Bar Opinion 06 1 April10 2006 http www floridabar org tfb TFBETOpin nsf b2b76d49e9fd64a5852570050067 a7af

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