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Blinn College EMS Program Paramedic Academy The Paramedic Academy will begin every Fall semester and will finish with an internship in the Summer August to August 3 semesters We are excited that you have shown an interest in becoming a Paramedic as it is one of the most dynamic and exciting careers in the world Paramedic training and education is a challenging commitment and applicants are encouraged to visit the EMS Program webpage at www blinn edu twe ems For more information about Paramedic careers or classes please contact Jason Segner Program Director 979 691 2129 or email jsegner blinn edu Admission to the Paramedic Program is COMPETITIVE and there are limited spots available Regardless of your EMS employment status affiliation with a clinical agency or your certification level you MUST complete the application in its ENTIRETY Admission to Blinn College does not imply or guarantee admission to the Paramedic Program and acceptance to the Paramedic Program does not guarantee admission to Blinn College The Program Admission Committee will consider criteria such as letters of recommendation EMS work experience and academic scores to select students Partial or incomplete applications will not be considered for admission to the Paramedic Academy Your application file must be complete To be considered an applicant to the Paramedic Program the following steps MUST be completed 1 APPLY FOR ADMISSION TO BLINN COLLEGE Students must meet Blinn College requirements for admission and any applicable placement testing You may visit the Blinn College website at www blinn edu for an application to Blinn College Acceptance into the Paramedic Program DOES NOT guarantee admission to Blinn College or vice versa SUBMIT COPIES OF ALL COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS Unofficial copies will be accepted for the Paramedic Academy application process however official copies will be required by Blinn for admission to the college 2 MEET ALL PARAMEDIC PROGRAM PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS Prerequisite

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