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Matthew Hanser Department of Philosophy University of California Santa Barbara CA 93106 hanser philosophy ucsb edu Education B A Ph D Philosophy Rice University 1984 Philosophy University of California Los Angeles 1993 Academic employment 1991 present University of California Santa Barbara Acting Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Fall 1994 University of Pittsburgh Visiting Professor Spring 2000 University of California Los Angeles Visiting Professor Honors and awards H L A Hart Fellow at University College Oxford and at the Oxford Centre for Ethics Philosophy of Law Spring 2009 Charlotte Newcombe Fellow 1990 1991 Paul and Gloria Griffin Fellow Winter 1990 Rudolf Carnap Prize 1990 Atlas Prize 1983 Publications excluding reviews Harm forthcoming in the International Encyclopedia of Ethics Wiley Blackwell 2012 The Wrongness of Killing and the Badness of Death forthcoming in B Bradley F Feldman and J Johansson eds Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Death Oxford University Press 2011 Still More on the Metaphysics of Harm forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 82 March 2011 XX Harming and Procreating in Melinda Roberts and David Wasserman eds Harming Future Persons Ethics Genetics and the Nonidentity Problem SpringerVerlag 2009 The Metaphysics of Harm Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 77 September 2008 421 450 Actions Acting and Acting Well in Russ Shafer Landau ed Oxford Studies in Metaethics Volume 3 Oxford University Press 2008 Permissibility and Practical Inference Ethics 115 April 2005 443 470 Where s the Harm in Dying Philosophical Books 46 January 2005 4 10 Intention and Accident Philosophical Studies 98 March 2000 17 36 Killing Letting Die and Preventing People from Being Saved Utilitas 11 November 1999 277 295 Interfering with Aid Analysis 59 January 1999 41 47 Intention and Teleology Mind 107 April 1998 381 401 A Puzzle about Beneficence Analysis 58 April 1998 159 165 Why Are Killing and Letting Die

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