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Flora of China 25 236 245 2009 81 OBERONIA Lindley Gen Sp Orchid Pl 15 1830 nom cons yuan wei lan shu Chen Xinqi Chen Sing chi Paul Ormerod Jeffrey J Wood Iridorkis Thouars 1809 not Iridorchis Blume 1859 Titania Endlicher Herbs epiphytic Stems often enclosed in leaf base usually clustered rarely borne on an elongate rhizome erect or pendulous short or somewhat elongate Leaves iridiform and unifacial rarely terete often fleshy articulate or not at base distichous usually equitant often imbricate at base often dilated near base into flattened sheaths often with a narrow membranous margin on adaxial side in basal half Inflorescences terminal racemose unbranched pubescent or glabrous usually many flowered peduncle often with sterile bracts below floral bracts persistent often erose Flowers often in whorls not resupinate flat very small usually only 1 2 mm in diam ovary glabrous or papillate Sepals and petals free spreading petals often narrower than sepals sometimes erose lip usually spreading sessile entire or lobed margin sometimes erose or fimbriate occasionally concave at base with or without calli spur absent lateral lobes often embracing column Column erect short lacking a foot wings usually absent anther cap terminal firmly attached to column apex 2 locular pollinia 4 cohering in 2 unequally sized pairs waxy viscidium absent or abbreviated stigma transversely reniform to ovate rostellum protruding Between 150 and 200 species centered in tropical S and SE Asia but extending to tropical Africa Madagascar the Mascarene Islands the Philippines New Guinea NE Australia and the SW Pacific islands across to Tahiti 33 species 11 endemic in China Oberonia teres Kerr Bull Misc Inform Kew 1927 214 1927 formerly considered endemic to Thailand was recorded from W Yunnan Lushui Gaoligong Shan ca 2400 m by X H Jin H Li and D Z Li Acta Phytotax Sin 45 805 806 2007 The present authors could not confirm this because they have not seen the specimen X H Jin 7029 PE 1a Rhizome

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