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NPSG Data Exchange Where We Are Today and What We Need Philadelphia January 27 2006 David M Rapoport MD NYU School of Medicine What is an Electronic NPSG Raw Data Events scoring Patient Information and ID Representations of Data Windows Associated Data video tech notes etc Data are usually collected to and displayed from a proprietary file format Benefits of Standardized Electronic NPSG File Format Multicenter Studies Centralized reading from multiple acquisition formats Data Dissemination Sharing of scored data and completed data sets eg SHHS Additional processing of previously collected data Remote Access eg via internet Dependent on transmission and compression Archiving Old records migration of data to new systems or new analyses Record NPSG in Proprietary Format Data Storage Display Score Process Report Convert to Standard Format Display Data Transmission Convert to Alternate Proprietary Format Score Process Report Why Can t We Do This Now Most systems use proprietary data format for raw and scored data Standards for data exchange exist eg EDF but Often used as intermediate data format for RAW DATA ONLY Rules for using the standard are frequently incompletely implemented Standards for event and scored data incompletely or not defined New solution for each new problem or advance in the field lack of extensibility Examples of Issues in Implementing EDF Dates 02 05 05 February 5 2005 or May 2 2005 Sampling frequency non integer causes clock drift if rounded Calibration information often lost Integer wraparound maximum values that can be stored are 32 768 to 32767 Loss of calibration 255 0 Example of Wrap around Standardization Targets Standardized file format for data Standardization of what a program utilizing the standard data can must do Read data Write file or data Display data including processed data Manipulate data Components of an Electronic NPSG Raw Data Time series of data points Information about what data is sampling freq calibration display etc

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