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Practice Style Test 2700 IF YOU THINK THERE MIGHT BE MORE THAN ONE WAY TO REWRITE A SENTENCE CONSULT ME Rewrite these sentences to put the action in the verb a Failure to follow the above instructions will be the basis for the rejection of our proposal b Consideration should be given to an acquisition of the properties c Our expectation was to begin the new project immediately d The police are conducting an investigation of the armed robbery that occurred this morning Rewrite these sentences to put the more important information and technical terms near the end of the sentence a Water pipes in many older homes will freeze and possibly burst under these weather conditions b Myosin and Actin are tiny filaments inside your muscle c The cornea copes well with minor injuries If dirt scratches the cornea epithelial cells slide over it patching the injury before infection for example For each sentence listed below do the following Identify the principle and principles that the writer has not followed and then rewrite the sentences correctly a Because of the clerk s inability to help us with the equipment there was a delay in the repairs that we had to do the next day b We reviewed the drawings and found numerous errors upon receipt of the drawings c A reinvestigation of the new employee s travel expenses by the accounting division is necessary before reimbursement from headquarters can be provided d There has been a decrease in the number of infants killed because of airbags Underline the old information in the passage and rewrite the passage such that old information appears at the beginning of the sentence Insect repellents are available in various forms and concentrations Aerosol and pump spray products are intended for skin applications as well as for treating clothing Liquid cream lotion and stick products enable direct skin application Products with a low concentration of the active ingredients may be appropriate for situations where exposure to insects is minimal A

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