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PhD Policy Comprehensive Exam Spring 2007 Answer I II and any ONE other question I Develop a research design that provides evidence on a theoretically non trivial problem in the context of either evaluating the impact of an ongoing public program policy or institutional design comparing the impact of program policy or institutional design alternatives examining cause or causes of policy or institutional choice by legislators legislatures bureaucrats or bureaus or examining reasons for the differential implementation of policy by bureaucrats or bureaus Choose any policy area that you are familiar with Discuss the theory or theories that motivate the empirical question and the statistical model Briefly describe the program or policy alternatives or policy decisions that you are examining and discuss and justify the outcome measure s you will use Based on theory what do you expect to find Why will your findings be theoretically important Cite relevant literature and previous findings and discuss briefly what your project will add Develop a feasible research design to estimate the parameters of your theoretical model In your design consider some of the problems you anticipate in making unbiased and efficient estimates and suggest how you might go about coping with these problems Include in your discussion the following items as well as others you believe are pertinent how you propose to collect data problems of measurement threats to internal external and statistical validity how you will analyze and interpret the data you collect how the findings relate to the theoretical question you are asking II Charter schools are private non profit institutions that use public money to provide primary or secondary education to students in a school district They get the same amount per student that the public schools receive but they are not public schools The teachers and curriculum in charter schools usually must meet certain standards set forth in charter school laws that vary

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