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Ms Mofield s 7th grade math class 1 hour and a half block periods Purpose To gain an appreciation for mathematical concepts of proportion and ratio to find similar figures in the real world and to adapt the lesson today into new and upcoming math lessons we will discuss how proportion and ratio are used to create similar figures in the real world Objective Students will work in groups to explore and discuss similar and congruent figures and form predictions so that they are able to discover properties of each identify describe find and construct similar and congruent figures Students can use measurement to explore the meaning of similarity and later to apply the concept to solve problems Essential Question s 1 What are the properties of similar figures 2 Are congruent objects similar 3 Are all similar objects congruent 4 What are the properties of congruent figures 5 How can you prove figures are similar Procedure Attention Getter Teacher will toss two Styrofoam balls of the same size and one bigger ball beach ball to three students in the class Desks are arranged in a semi circle set up for classroom discussion and an easier way to pass the balls around the room As the balls are being passed around the room students will brainstorm characteristics of the balls focusing on similarities and differences other than color 3 min Body Teacher will call on students to provide ideas of similarity and write the ideas on a Post It chart Teacher and students will engage in a conversation about the ideas listed and develop a definition for the term similar At this stage students will recognize similar as being objects of the same shape look the same but not necessarily the same in size 5 min Students will think relate the term similar to prior knowledge about the word by thinking about what the term similar means outside of math class objects found in the real world and discuss how similar figures are used in real life Possible answers might be the photo enlargement reducer

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