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Los Alamos National Laboratory From Sensing to Information Everything Under the Sun LA UR 09 02038 Andrea Palounek Space and Remote Sensing Sciences ISR 2 Los Alamos National Laboratory aptp lanl gov We go from wild ideas to useful applications with all the steps in between Lunar Lightning Prospector Space Weather Sensor Arrays Vela Nonproliferation Stellar V Sensor RF EMP Detection Formation Gamma ray Machine Learning Nuclear Detonation Detection Bursts Atmospheric G Theory and Modeling P science Planetary Composition Treaty Monitoring Verification S Autonomous Computing Solar Wind Physics O ti l RF R Optical RF Remote t Sensing S i Core Anomalous Change Detection Science and Image Analysis Interpretation Complex Algorithm Dev Sim Technology Reconfigurable Computing I f Information ti Science S i andd Neutral Atom Imaging Knowledge Extraction Energy and Water Security Satellite Technologies High Power Electrodynamics X ray ray Detection Fast Transient Astrophysics Space Situational Awareness Microcalorimetry Ionospheric Physics Neutron Imaging Water on Moon Mars Persistent Surveillance SAVE SABRS Cometary Physics Radiation Effects LAPP Neutron Physics Meteorites RF EMP National Security Missions CFE MTI calorimetry PetaVision Forte Our Division Represents 40 Years of Space Experience 1400 sensors 400 instruments 60 satellites FORT VELA HOTEL ALEXIS GPS D S P Multi Spectral Thermal Imager Cibola Flight ExperimentSpace based R D Flight Demo w RCC We Began with Nuclear Detonation Detection Detection 100 km 30 km Below Ground Seismic Hydro acoustic Space Gamma Rays Neutrons X rays Transition Region Optical Gamma Rays Neutrons Low Altitude Optical Electromagnetic Pulse Infrasound 100 km and Now Include Proliferation Detection 30 km Think of the problem through the process of acquiring and using a weapon Nuclear Proliferation Raw Material Extraction Preparation Enrichment Reprocessing Weapons Material Processing g Factory Production off Agent A t Weaponization P k i

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