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GEODER 4 Geoderma 74 1996 23 47 Spodosol Alfisol intergrades bisequal soils in NE Michigan USA Randall J Schaetzl Department of Geography Michigan State UnirersiQ East Lansing MI 48824 l 115 USA Received 24 October 1995 accepted 16 July 1996 Abstract Twenty three well drained Boralfs most of which exhibit bisequal soil morphology were described and sampled in NE lower Michigan where they occur on landscapes shaped by Greatlakean ice ca 12 ka Bisequal soils in Michigan are intergrades between Orthods and Udalfs with a spodic like upper sequum A E Bs overlying a sequence of E Bt C horizons Thus The purpose of the study was to characterize they frequently occupy a pedogenic ecotone these soils which have been little studied and to determine if parent material homogeneity and texture are correlated with various aspects of their morphology The soils have formed in coarse loamy and fine loamy materials often with a distinct lithologic discontinuity between the two sequa The lower material interpreted as glacial till is strongly calcareous and slightly coarser textured with considerably more dolomitic gravel than the upper material Water flowing through the material above may hang at the discontinuity and deposit illuvial clay Bt horizons are found at or immediately below the discontinuity Statistical correlations indicate that bisequal sola and their eluvial horizons are thicker when developed in coarser textured materials Finer textured pedons contain more extractable Fe and Al in the spodic sequum but have thinner eluvial zones which have not been as completely stripped of metal cations In the finest textured pedons the E horizon may be completely lacking Keywords podzolization eluviation pedogenesis factor analysis discontinuities 1 Introduction Bisequal soils contain two eluvial illuvial sequa typically an E Bs sequum overlying an E Bt sequum Anonymous 1987 although by definition the lower sequum may contain a fragipan i e Ex Bx or Ex Btx Yassoglou and Whiteside 1960

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