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Communication in FTD Daisy Sapolsky MS CCC SLP Speech Language Pathologist MGH Department of Speech Language and Swallowing Disorders Reading Disabilities MGH Frontotemporal Disorders Unit Topics Subtypes of FTD Communication Compensatory MGH challenges strategies FTD Unit and Progressive Communication Disorders Program Terms Aphasia An acquired communication disorder that impairs a person s ability to process language but does not affect intelligence Can have impairment in one or more areas speaking understanding reading writing spelling http www aphasia org others Terms Primary Progressive Aphasia Mesulam 1982 A language disorder aphasia that worsens over time progressive and is the most prominent problem the person experiences primary Subtypes of FTD Frontotemporal Dementia FTD Primary Progressive Aphasia PPA Behavioral Variant bvFTD Progressive Nonfluent Aphasia PNFA Semantic Dementia SD Logopenic Progressive Aphasia LPA Progressive nonfluent aphasia PNFA agrammatism nonfluent speech may be telegraphic hesitant effortful pauses hesitations fillers e g umm difficulty with verbs and functor words e g the for an to knowing what you want to say but can t think of the word or can t get the word out comprehension is typically intact there may be difficulty in comprehension of complex syntactic forms Progressive nonfluent aphasia PNFA impaired reading and writing difficulty with forming grammatically correct sentences difficulty with reading complex sentences comprehension of single words usually intact or writing may be significantly better than speech in some patients spelling difficulty yes no confusion pronoun confusion Progressive nonfluent aphasia PNFA picture description Umm you know the umm the family for uh the picnic umm maybe the Cape you know the umm like sailing and fishing and umm the ah uh girl is umm the umm the sandcastles and umm the picnic man s reading a book and umm the lady is uh wine and you know like summertime summertime Picnic scene picture

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