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LECTURE I COURSE INTRO Monday May 12 WHO AM I Eugene Dillenburg Exhibit Developer Science Museum of Minnesota BEST WAY TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME dillenbu msu edu Also gdillenburg smm org Check both every day usually in evening Quick question answered by morning If you must 651 221 4706 Office in Minnesota MY HISTORY Degree in Advertising from small liberal arts college 20s bopping from job to job decided to take stock find something I wanted to do Volunteered at Academy Parents took us to museums as kids Always liked science Collections and Development Started applying Late1989 FMNH Administrative Assistant in Public Programs STORY Paha Morning Star I m the developer what s a developer Would spend 13 years finding out 7 years at FMNH Miscellaneous Drawer Major projects vs fall through the cracks Bigger stuff toward end Dino Families Also Visitor Services and Collections Mid 1997 Shedd Gearing up major Philippine Reef project 4 years as Lead Exhibit Developer Just opened last month Hired for project Early 2001 job winding down took offer from SMM SMM does their own permanent and temporary shows builds and circulates traveling shows and hires our services out to other museums to build their shows permanent and traveling big and small So far Playing With Time traveling show Constitution Center object theater Cornell Lab of Ornithology visitor center Robots and Us traveling show Misc Professional affiliations Member AAM Go to annual conference every year presented several times 2003 Portland next week presenting on excellence project 2004 New Orleans May 6 10 2005 Indianapolis May 1 5 Subcommittees for Audience Research CARE and for Exhibits NAME 2nd VP Membership Chair of NAME Individual member ASTC Conference in St Paul November 8 11 will present Association of Midwest Museums have presented there Conference Milwaukee November 5 8 2004 Grand Rapids October 20 23 Minnesota Association of Museums have presented and Illinois Association in every state including Michigan

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