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Nursing Care for patients with Respiratory Dysfunction Nancy Finch May 22 2003 Review Anatomy of upper respiratory tract Anatomy of lower respiratory tract Function of the respiratory system ventilation diffusion perfusion Age changes pages 372 382 Assessment Health History Chief complaint reason for seeking healthcare cc dyspnea cough hemoptysis sputum production pain fatigue weakness Assess respiratory signs symptoms clubbing of the fingers cyanosis chest pain cough wheezing dyspnea pages 382 393 Assessment Risk factors smoking family hx personal hx occupation allergens environmental pollutants recreational exposure Psychosocial factors strategies used for coping signs of anxiety anger withdrawal isolation noncompliance denial support sys family friends community Physical Exam Inspection Palpation Percussion Auscultation Adventitious breath sounds crackles wheezes friction rubs Diagnostic Evaluation cultures sputum studies pulmonary function test PFTs arterial blood gas ABGs pulse oximetry imaging CXR CT scans Diagnostic Evaluation fluoroscopic studies ba swallow angio lung scans bronchoscopy thoracoscopy thoracentesis biopsy pleural lung lymph nodes pages 393 400 Nursing management Pre Post invasive procedures education dec fear anxiety NPO 6 hr before test risk of aspiration re cough reflex blocked informed consent pre meds atropine sedation opioids conscious sedation post awake alert oriented cough reflex swallow monitor resp status vs Nursing Interventions caring for pts resp dysfunction Facilitate ventilation promote removal of secretions provide supplemental O2 decrease work of breathing educate for self care Upper airway infections Common cold nasal congestion sore throat cough rhinitis pharyngitis laryngitis chest cold contagious rhinovirus 40 all colds Sx last 5 days 2 weeks Tx symptoms Upper airway infections Cold sores herpes simplex virus incubation period 2 12 days transmitted by direct contact may subside spontaneously 10 14 dys Tx Acyclovir

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