Whose New Deal?

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Whose New Deal?

Voices of protest about the New Deal and FDR's 2nd New Deal

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 14 Outline of Last Lecture LECTURE OUTLINE FOR FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT AND THE FIRST NEW DEAL • 1932 Election and Interregnum • The First Hundred Days Relief Recovery Reform Outline of Current Lecture OUTLINE FOR THE LECTURE ON WHOSE NEW DEAL? • Voices of Protest Huey Long Francis Townsend Father Coughlin • From Recovery to Security: The Second New Deal Emergency Relief Appropriation Act Works Progress Administration (WPA) Resettlement Administration Rural Electrification Administration Social Security Act • Labor’s New Deal • The New Deal in Decline “Court-packing” Plan “Roosevelt Recession” Current Lecture 1) Voices of Protest a) Huey Long i) “Every Man a King” ii) Elected governor of LA on that slogan (1) Then elected to US senate so he left seat vacant for 2 years until he could find a suitable replacement for governor iii) Complained FDR wasn’t doing enough to help people in need (1) Proclaimed himself for the common man iv) Blamed depression on gap between rich and poor (1) Said this was result of capitalism running amuck v) Had enemies, but numbers were outnumbered by fierce supporters (1) Proclaimed he was like Jesus vi) Share Our Wealth Program (a) Slide on Elearning (2) Caps on individual wealth, inheritance, and income (3) Guaranteed annual income for families ($2,000) (4) Free college and vocational training (5) 30 hour work week (a) 4 week vacation (6) Regulation of commodity production for price stabilizing (7) Old age pensions beginning at 60 (8) Veterans benefit and healthcare vii) Planed to run as 3rd party independent (1) Democrats were shocked to learn he took 3-4 million votes away from FDR\ viii)Assasinated by political enemy in 1935 b) Francis Townsend i) Townsend clubs for the elderly (1) They were particularly hit by the depression (a) No pension plans, retirement ran out, no way to get money ii) Townsend Plan (1) Government give every American over 65 $200 a month, but they had to spend it within 30 days (2) Would open more jobs for younger people (a) People over 65 could retire (3) Stimulate economy by putting 30 day deadline on it (4) 20 billion a year (50% of national money to support 9% of population) c) Father Coughlin i) Radio Priest ii) Catholic priest from Michigan who’s weekly radio programs reached nearly 1/3 of Americans iii) Initially a supporter of FDR until the new deal (1) Said it was corrupted by business iv) National Union for Social Justice (1) Spread populist mission and picked up old populist causes (a) Pushed for US to go on silver standard (b) Demanded nationalization of key industry (c) Protection of worker’s rights

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