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Customer Behavior

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Customer Behavior


In this lecture we covered all the aspects of how customers behave and respond to advertising. It is important to understand the way customers receive our message and what factors influence that.

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Advt 250 - Advertising Principles

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ADVT 250 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture I Marketing Goals II Advertising Goals III Four Components of a Goal IV Research Outline of Current Lecture I Needs II Motives III IV Perception Advertising Implication of Selection V Learning VI Personality VII External Influences Current Lecture I Needs 1 Internal influences are studied in psychology 2 Behavior is driven by NEED Basic assumption of marketing is that behavior is driven by need Primary needs Those things that are required for actual living Food water shelter Secondary needs everything else we need Maslow s Hierarchy of Human Needs 1 Physiological needs food water air 2 Safety and Security Needs Protection order stability Ex Home security systems These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 3 Social needs affection friendship belonging Ex Facebook 4 Ego Needs prestige success self respect 5 Self actualization Self fulfillment Number one is primary needs 2 5 are secondary needs Advertising deals with secondary needs mainly II Motives 1 Driving force within individuals that propels them to action Needs satisfaction process Unfulfilled needs wants and desires Tension Drive Behavior Goal or need fulfillment 2 Rational vs Emotional Motives Buying a car could be both a rational decision Pricecan I afford it Safety fuel economy etc Emotional decision aesthetics social aspects is it cool Is it your dream car Etc Goal as advertiser is to figure out which motive is the stronger motivator for the consumer so we can better target the audience 3 Positive vs Negative Motives Positive motive is something that draws you towards an action for a gain Negative motive pushes you away from an action because of a fear of loss Ex Diet industry Telling you all the negatives of being overweight to get you to avoid negative But special K s new campaign is very much positive What will you gain when you lose Ex

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