TAMU ANSC 318 - Properties of Digestion Calculations (4 pages)

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Properties of Digestion Calculations

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Properties of Digestion Calculations


Properties of Digestion Calculations

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Ansc 318 - Feeds & Feeding

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ANSC 318 1st Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture I Chemical Based and Nondestructive Methods of Evaluation of Feedstuffs Outline of Current Lecture II Chemical Evaluation of Feeds VS Nutrient Digestibility a Apparent vs True Digestibility b Methods to Determine Digestibility III Digestion Trials a Digestibility Calculations b Example Calculations IV Factors Affecting Apparent Digestibility a Effect of Dietary ADF Content on Digestibility b Associative Effects on Digestibility V Total Digestible Nutrients a Weaknesses Current Lecture need to know Chemical Evaluation Vs Nutrient Digestibility Potential value of feed is measured by chemical analysis Actual or useful value of a feed to an animal can be determined only after making allowances for losses like digestion absorption and metabolism Digestibility feed that is not excreted in the feces assumed to be absorbed by the animal feces accounts for the largest loss in nutrients during digestion Gross Energy GE potential energy from feed Net Energy NE GE losses feces urine metabolism heat Apparent vs True Digestibility digestibility is typically referred to as apparent digestibility termed apparent because not all fecal matter excreted by an animal represents undigested feed Fecal Material undigested feed non feed material or endogenous fecal material undigested microbes from rumen fermentation and fermentation in cecum large intestine Digestive enzymes and mucous These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute sloughed intestinal cells Methods to Determine Nutrient Digestibility Conventional Digestion Trial most accurate method of measuring digestibility Gold standard Method Objective of Trial accurately quantify nutrients consumed and excreted in feces for a particular feed or diet over a given time period Digestion Trial Procedures train animals for trial adapt them to test diet confine animals to metabolism

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