UMass Amherst COMM-DIS 416 - Telepractice (10 pages)

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Thoroughly discusses and explains all aspects of new and improved "Telepractice", or online speech therapy.

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Comm-Dis 416 - Clinical Procedures

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COMMDIS416 1st Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I Evidence Based Practice II What is Evidence Based Practice III Key Steps in the EBP Process IV Levels of Evidence a Example b Example V Non Evidence Based Treatments VI Scientific Fraud VII Systematic Reviews and Practice Guidelines VIII Barriers to Evidence Based Practice IX Systematic Reviews a Evaluating the Quality of a Systematic Review X Practice Guidelines XI ASHA s N CEP XII Improving Quality of Services a Learning Questions Outline of Current Lecture I Telepractice These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute a Telecommunication Technology and Therapy II Quality of Services III Service Delivery Model a Why Telepractice IV Applications in Speech Language Pathology a Applications in Audiology V Telepractice Examples VI Telepractice Settings VII Client Clinician Satisfaction VIII Performance and Outcome Measurement IX Telepractice Equipment a Telepractice Technology b Connectivity X Telepractice Platforms XI Facilitators in Telepractice XII Privacy and Security XIII Patient Client Considerations a Clinician Considerations XIV Roles and Responsibilities XV Lee Silverman Voice Treatment LSVT XVI Telepractice Regulatory and Legal Issues XVII Evaluating Employers XVIII Legal Issues Summarized XIX Telepractice Challenges XX Training the SLP Audiologist for Telepractice XXI Barriers Current Lecture I Telepractice Terminology Telepractice Telemedicine Telehealth Tele speech language pathology Teleaudiology TeleSpeech Therapy TeleSLP Speech TeleTherapy a Telecommunications Technology and Therapy What is Telepractice o Telepractice is the application of telecommunications technology at a distance by linking clinician to client or clinician to clinician for assessment intervention and or consultation Synchronous real time patient interactive most common Asynchronous store and forward record themselves and

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