UIUC PHIL 110 - Buddhism Continued (4 pages)

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Buddhism Continued

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Buddhism Continued


Brief overview of buddhism and Siddhartha's journey and the 4 noble truths.

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University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign
Phil 110 - World Religions

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Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Current Situation II Origination and Spread III The Vehicles IV Buddhism as a Religion V Buddhism as a Philosophy VI The Three Jewels VII The Legend of Buddha Shakyamuni VIII Birth of Buddha IX Jainism X Mahavira XI The Story XII Siddhartha s Youth Outline of Current Lecture XIII The Disturbance XIV The Fourth Sight XV Enlightenment XVI Turing the Wheel of Dharma PHIL 110 1st Edition The Dharma The 4 Nobles Truths 4 Noble Truths 1 Truth The Noble Truths Mindfulness The First Truth Three marks of Reality Hinduism and Buddhism Ultimate Reality in Hinduism Ultimate Reality in Buddhism Impermanence Non Self Anatman Current Lecture XXVIII The Disturbance a on an outing the prince Siddhartha encounters three disturbing sights i an old man ii a diseased man iii a corpse b the prince connects the sights i these are the reality of impermanence c on the second outing Siddhartha sees ploughed fields XVII XVIII XIX XX XXI XXII XXIII XXIV XXV XXVI XXVII These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute the of all this grieved the prince as deeply as if he had witnessed the slaughter of his own kinsmen ii detachment doesn t disconnect Siddhartha from everything it enables him to see the interdependence and interconnection of all things 1 compassion is simply a response to perception of impermanence compassion enables the prince to be awake to it The Fourth Sight As Siddhartha is reflecting on the ploughed ground he has a vision of mendicant a religious wanderer the mendicant tells S that he has given up all attachment greed and hate for all of this world of sense have ceased to be Possessions I have none no expectations either i greed and hate are two of the three poisons that inspire clinging to this world ii the prince accepts this course and then and there he intuitively perceived the dharma 1 dharma is an eternal reality the buddha is not

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