UA KIN 300 - Sport in Colonia America (6 pages)

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Sport in Colonia America

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Sport in Colonia America


Sport in Colonial America, Sport in the South, Native American Sport, how these all differed, what was unique to each region of the country, what activities were included in physical activity at this time, attitudes that were influenced by religion.

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Kin 300 - Intro to Kinesiology

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KIN 300 Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Renaissance and Reformation a Cultural Changes b Philosophers and Educators i Martin Luther ii John Calvin Outline of Current Lecture II Sport in Colonial America a Native American Sport b Attitudes c New England Puritans i Puritans and Sport ii Sabbath and Sport d Sport in Mid Atlantic e Sport in South f Horse Racing Current Lecture Sport in Colonial America Physical Activities in the Colonies Sports physical activities and dance occupied a prominent role in the lives of most Native Americans when colonists arrived in North America Also for livelihood hunting and gathering Activities were associated with Religious ceremonies Festive celebrations Recreation Native American Sport These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Most popular Native American sport was lacrosse also called baggataway meaning ball game or the game of ball Often played in honor of their gods Helped train males for war Rules size of playing field equipment and clothing varied widely Native American Sport Females activity was encouraged in the NA community Many including girls and women played shinny a ball and stick game similar to modern field hockey Women also played double ball a game in which a stick was used to propel two balls attached by a string Native American Sport Other sports included archery swimming fishing canoeing and snow snaking which involved sliding a pole a great distance across a frozen path Ritualistic dances and games of chance were also popular Colonial America Attitudes Attitudes toward sport representative of settlers European background Attitudes were strongly influenced by religion New England Puritan Mid Atlantic New York Dutch Quaker Moderate play acceptable South Catholic Baptist and Methodist Against play generally Most friendly toward play New England Puritans and Sport 17th Century Generally cold toward

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