ISU ART 155 - Exam 1 Study Guide (4 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Study Guide
Illinois State University
Art 155 - Survey of Art I
Survey of Art I Documents

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Art 155 Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 8 Lecture 1 August 20 II What s the difference between Relief sculpture and sculpture in the round Relief sculpture is attached to a surface while Sculpture in the round is meant to be seen on all sides III What is post and lintel construction A horizontal stone is being supported by two vertical stones IV Human with Feline head sculpture in the round thought to be a god V Two Bison from le Tue D Audoubert Cave relief sculpture VI Venus of Willendorf sculpture in the round educational toy for young girls goddess of sexual love VII Stonehenge post and lintel Neolithic Megaliths Lecture 2 August 22 VIII Chauvet cave Vallon Pont d Arc Crooked finger was found in this cave Upper Paleolithic IX Wounded Bison Altamira cave Artists took advantages of imperfections in ceiling Only animals in cave paintings X Hall of Bulls Lascaux cave Overlapping Part of a ritual or a record keeping system of tracking herds XI Rhinoceros wounded man disemboweled bison only human discovered Lecture 3 August 27 XII what is cuneiform Wedge Like style of writing XIII What is a Ziggurat Form of building that holds the temple the Cela in the space inside the temple XIV What is Hierarchical scaling Bigger the size the more important the person XV Statue Worshippers from tell Asmar summerian made from Gypsum priests XVI Standard of Ur made from Lapis Lazuli Hierarchical scaling on the three registers Summerian Lecture 4 August 29 XVII What is a Stele A standing block XVIII What is Entasis Manipulated for optical reasons XIX Head of Akkadian Ruler Akkadian Made from copper XX Stele inscribed with code of Hammurabi made from Diorite cuneiform god shown is Shamash Lecture 5 September 1 XXI Lamassu a mystical animal multiple animals combined guardians Assyrian XXII Ishtar Gate Royal palace at Babylon Glazed brick Yellow bull with blue hair made to please adad Lecture 6 September 5 XXIII What is a Ka and what does it need to survive A Ka Is a persons soul A Ka can

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