Mizzou JOURN 4000 - Important cases (2 pages)

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Important cases

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Important cases


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University of Missouri
Journ 4000 - Communications Law

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JOURN 4000 1st Edition Lecture 8 Outline of Last Lecture I Important cases in US history II Media incitement cases Outline of Current Lecture I Media incitement cases II School shootings and incitement Current Lecture Grisham product liability Lawrence T Stone Hit Man book how to murder someone Quadriplegic son 1 8 million dollar trust fund Hires hit man to kill his son and ex wife Aid and abets an illegal transaction taking out of 1st amendment Publisher attorneys made mistake admitted intent defendants won Paladin Press settled out of court book of market School shooting and incitement Paducah KY kid kills 3 students Parents sue Sued makers of video games Internet sites Time Warner Basketball Diaries Desensitized to violence Not sufficiently foreseeable These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Defective products image and such were not products Not sufficiently foreseeable Columbine William Sanders teacher bled to death family sued Columbine shooters had been watching violent stuff Criminal acts are not forseeable Strict liability not for intangible thoughts ideas etc

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